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The human brain is responsible for many functions, such as movement, vision, memory, sensation, and judgment. As the control center for the human body, the brain transmits messages to and from other parts of the body. Despite a thick bone (the skull) and soft tissue surrounding it, the brain can be seriously injured when subjected to trauma.

Brain Injury Lawyers Edmonton

Brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) as they are also referred to, happen when the head is hit or “shaken” inside the skull. Doctors will also refer to a brain injury as a TBI if an object penetrated the scalp, skull or brain. If a patient survives the initial injury, they most likely face a lifetime of medical monitoring and care. The most severe brain injuries can cause serious physical, cognitive, and emotional consequences.

Brain Injury Lawyers

To learn what your or your loved ones legal rights are after suffering a brain injury in an accident, please don’t hesitate to contact a compassionate brain injury lawyer Edmonton as soon as possible. They understand the challenges you face and will work tirelessly to make a difficult situation more comfortable. The competent brain injury lawyers at Edmonton Car Accident Lawyer Group will enter negotiations prepared and won’t back down until you are fairly awarded compensation for lost income, loss of quality of life, shortened life expectancy, caregiving services, impaired earning capacity, and past, current, and future medical bills.

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What causes a brain injury? In Canada, the leading causes of brain injuries are car accidents, firearms, and slip and falls. Other causes of TBIs include pedestrian accidents, construction accidents, workplace accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and dog bites.

Edmonton Brain Injury Lawyer

To ensure you get the best possible settlement, look to a qualified brain injury attorney at Edmonton Car Accident Lawyer Group. No matter what the cause of your brain injury, if you were harmed through no fault of your own, they won’t rest until a fair settlement is achieved. The caring brain injury lawyers we work with have your best interest at heart and pride themselves on providing clients a stress free experience.

Brain Injury Lawyers Edmonton

You can reach the ethical brain injury lawyers Edmonton during the day, in the evening or on the weekend. Call 780-669-5235 as soon as possible to discuss your case for free. When you meet with them, they can tell you if filing a claim is an option. You are not obligated to hire them, but if you decide to have them represent you, they won’t accept any fees until your case has been successfully resolved.

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  • Ricky is an incredible lawyer. I called and spoke with 2 other lawyers who would not take my case. But Ricky did. I cannot thank him enough for trying to help me and my family during a difficult time. The least I can do is write this review to let other's know this man is honorable and kind. Thank you, Ricky.


    by Randeep P January, 2020.

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